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Over the counter Valtrex: targets and indications

Valtrex Over The Counter

Valtrex Over The Counter – This remedy belongs to the category of antiviral medications. It works by slowing down or suppressing the growth of pathogens called herpes simplex virus (HSV), varicella zoster (VZV), and cytomegalovirus (CMV). It is allowed for control of the above pathogens in all populations of patients aged over 12. One of its chief advantages is the ability to stop the recurrence of those infections. It also alleviates feverish states and relieves pain. Valtrex (valacyclovir) is a potent agent used in the prevention of post-surgical CMV infections.

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Generally, the first contact with the herpes simplex virus takes place in childhood. VZV tend to manifest clinically as chickenpox and is often diagnosed so.
After infecting a host, the virus migrates through the nerve endings from the skin to the ganglion and there it remains latent. It reappears on the skin in certain situations giving rise to the so-called herpes zoster, making it necessary to treat cold sores.

Shingles, in contrast, a self-limited condition that resolves spontaneously within a week or two. In some patients, postherpetic neuralgia of variable duration may persist even after they treat herpes.


Primarily, the patient notices a sensation of itching or pain in an area of their skin (mostly in the nasal region). In four to five days from that point, the skin in that area reddens, sprouting a fever blister or vesicles that are arranged in groups.

During this phase, the lesions are highly contagious because the active virus resides within those vesicles.

Seven to ten days later the lesions dry up, forming yellowish or brown crusts that peels off, sometimes leaving a residual scar. The most frequently affected areas are lips, thighs or the eye region. The latter is more serious due to the risk of corneal ulcer formation, which may cause blindness.

Occasionally, residual pain may persist in the infected location, affecting the patient for days, months, and even years (postherpetic neuralgia). Individuals aged over 50 are at higher risks, and their adverse reactions more often include headache.

Prevention of spreading

If you are staying on prescription drugs/preventive therapies against the outbreaks of genital herpes, or have had similar episodes in the past, you should practice protected intercourse, including the use of condoms. Please be responsible if there is a slightest chance of spreading genital herpes to a partner. Refrain from having sexual contact altogether if you suffer from genital ulcers or smarting blisters.

Medical advice on using the drug

One of the popular methods used to control herpes zoster, shingles, or occurrences of a rash in former sufferers of chickenpox lies with valacyclovir bought over the counter (Valtrex). This medication works in even the most stubborn and persistent cases in patients with a healthy immune system. Both recurrences and unprecedented outbreaks of genital/rectal herpes can be managed effectively too.

Valtrex is also used to suppress recurrent herpes infections of the epidermis and mucus-secreting membranes (mouth, anus) in sufferers of AIDS. The medication works both as the first and second line of defense against the fast-spreading viral invasion. In itself, the drug does not cure herpetic manifestations and neither it prevents the viral infection from being contagious. However, it can reduce symptoms of pain, burning, tingling, tenderness, and itching, promote wound healing, and prevent new lesions from forming. The substance will be safely excreted from the body if the patient’s kidneys working.

Dosing in eligible populations

The dosage comprises 2 g four times a day. In post-transplantation cases, the aid should be applied in whatever formulation in the shortest terms after the surgery. To lessen the side effects, this particular dose should be reduced in accordance with creatinine clearance or the particular kidney problems.

The length of pharmacological care normally will not exceed 90 days, except when there is need to discontinue it faster in view of an allergic reaction.

Herpes labialis

Two grams twice a day for a single 24-hour period is considered effective. The second dose should follow in about 12 hours after the first one. When you adhere to this dosage regimen, remember to discontinue in one day strictly, since prolongation has been shown to provide no additional health benefits.