Early Baby Gender DNA Test

Early Baby Gender DNA Test

SneakPeek Clinical Early Gender DNA Test for £129 at Styvechale Pharmacy

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Have you been eagerly awaiting to find out your baby’s gender? Find out early if it is a boy or girl by having a blood test at Styvechale Pharmacy in Coventry. Now there are even more options than ever before, with our in-pharmacy blood tests that can tell you based on DNA testing as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy.

SneakPeek, a private and secure DNA test company, has helped over 400,000 parents find out their baby’s gender before their scan.


How does an early gender DNA test work?

SneakPeek offers an innovative way to find out what your future child may be before you have them. With their simple process and quick turnaround time, they guarantee peace of mind for any parents who want to know if their unborn infant will be male or female with just one drop of blood!

Male and female DNA are different, so there is a difference in the blood-based early gender tests. The process is quick and easy:

– Starting at 6 weeks into pregnancy
– 99.9% accurate DNA-based blood test
– Administered by our phlebotomy professional
– Results emailed straight to you in 3-4 business days



Frequently Asked Questions:

Are results accurate?

We use the most accurate early gender test available, with a 99.9% accuracy.


Is the test safe?

This prenatal test is non-invasive, meaning that it is safe for the mother and for the baby.


Do hormone disorders such as PCOS affect my results?

Hormones do not affect these results, as this test is DNA-based.



How is my privacy protected?

We appreciate that your DNA information important and very personal. To protect your privacy:

1. The SneakPeek test is one of the most popular pregnancy tests on the market. It only measures for a baby’s gender, meaning no other disease or other health information is gathered.
2. After the test is run, your DNA sample will be destroyed by professionals in a safe and secure manner.
3. Other than using the email address provided, your results are not shared with anyone.


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