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Why Should You Sign Up for 24-hour Prescription Collection?

Styvechale Pharmacy

Order repeat prescription in Coventry

Due to new health issues and diseases, as well as constantly changing patient needs, the pharmacy industry is undergoing constant development. As a result, automated prescription collection points like Pharmaself24 are becoming more common. Pharmaself24 is a modern automated pharmacy dispensing system. It makes it simpler for pharmacies like ours to administer medications and for patients to pick them up whenever they want during the day or night. Continue reading for more information on how to order a repeat prescription in Coventry.

How do I order a repeat prescription & use a 24-hour collection service?

Like a growing number of pharmacies, Styvechale features an automated collection point. This makes it simple for patients to pick up their medications, even after business hours.

The 24-hour Prescription Collection Service is time-saving in addition to being convenient. You can collect your medication whenever works for you and your hectic schedule.

There are five steps involved in this service:

1. First, you have to register using our Sign-Up link.
2. Click the box with “I would like to sign up for the PS24 automated collection service.”
3. You will receive a notification from our team once your prescription is ready.
4. You’ll get a secret PIN via text.
5. Finally, you’ll log in through the Pharmaself24 touchscreen using your PIN and collect your prescription.

Order repeat prescription in Coventry

Why should you order a repeat prescription?

Here are a few advantages of using this wonderful service:

Improved patient care

Prior to the invention of pharmacy automation systems, a pharmacist had to manually count, fill, cap, and label each prescription. The machine can now quickly complete these jobs, providing pharmacists more time to handle other urgent matters like administering immunisations and performing physical exams. Additionally, it allows pharmacists to give their patients greater treatment by giving them more one-on-one time. The prescription collection device is simple to operate as well.

Increased patient satisfaction

If customers must wait a long time to be served or pick up prescriptions, they are likely to be less pleased with the pharmacy’s services. The 24-hour prescription pick-up service takes care of customers’ needs much more quickly, which boosts satisfaction.

Increase in patient safety

This is a really important development. The use of electronic prescriptions is essential for ensuring that adverse medication occurrences are as few as possible. It is simpler to avoid errors connected with written prescriptions, such as choosing an unavailable or inappropriate medication or dosage, missing information, misreading an order due to illegible handwriting, and giving double treatment.

Minimise lost prescriptions

Due to their small size, paper prescriptions are simple for patients to lose. Because a new prescription needs to be issued, this can be frustrating and time-consuming for the patient as well as the pharmacist. Direct prescription delivery from a pharmacy is made possible by electronic prescribing. You no longer have to remember to fill a paper prescription!

Order repeat prescription in Coventry

A repeat prescription service is convenient

Prescription pickup can be done at a time that’s right for you, including after business hours at the pharmacy.

Easy access to medications

Access to medications right away, without having to wait in line or run the risk of wasting a trip.

An easy process

You will get a one-time PIN number when your medication is ready, and you need to enter it into the dispenser.

NHS exclusions can be documented

Increases the number of one-on-one visits and clinic services available in the pharmacy by saving valuable time.

Learn more about our 24-hour prescription collection service on the service page here:

Prescription Collection

How long after I order a repeat prescription will it be ready?

Your GP or doctor’s office typically needs two working days to process your repeat prescription request before sending it to the pharmacy. Depending on the pharmacy’s inventory, it will then be ready for collection within 2 to 5 days, on average.

Can you order a repeat prescription in Coventry without going to the doctor?

To request a repeat prescription, you do not need to visit your doctor. If you choose not to do this online, you can request your medication at your GP’s office. Consequently, find out from your doctor’s office how to notify them when you require a repeat prescription. They can ask a pharmacist to fulfil your request.


Can I collect a prescription on behalf of someone else?

Yes. You can pick up a prescription for someone else in paper or electronic form.

To find out more about this incredible service, contact us.

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This blog post was written on behalf of Styvechale Pharmacy by Pharmacy Mentor.

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